Ripple blanket

This past summer, I found this yummy color cake on clearance at Joann’s. It’s a DK weight yarn that I get to work with a 3.5 mm hook. I hope its not too thick of a blanket. I have no idea what the striping would look like as the blanket progress, but I’m excited to see it develop.

More Baby hats

I had previously crocheted this hat in Red Hearts’ Unforgettable yarn using this link Crochet hat.  

Unfortunately I failed to write down any sort of gauge or what needle size I used.  The hat I did make was a near perfect size for little Miss Kaylee Anh.  I am going to use some leftover pink yarn to make her another hat.  It is Bernat’s Baby soft yarn in pink.  

So I’ve settled on a crochet hook size of 4.5 mm. Or at least that is what my set from china says it is.  

Bon Bon Bears Christmas gifts. 

Maria Yoder introduced me to this blogger All About Ami.  She designs patterns and have some great picture tutorials to follow along to.  

This is my latest project.  I plan to buy some keychains to attach to them and give them away as part of my Christmas gifts this year.  Shown are some of the bears I’ve made in various stages of completion.  

Snowman Ornament

I found this on pattern on Pinterest.
Isn’t he adorable?

Its worked in a magic circle, increases and decreases. 

I also deviated from the directions because of the different yarn I used.  I fortunately bought a lot of white yarn in bulk at Michael’s that is thinner than worsted weight yarn.  I’m not sure what the weight is.  But it is perfect for small amigurumi projects like this one.  With my tiny 2mm crochet hook.  

Dish/wash-cloth project! 

So after some crocheting, I feel the need to switch to some knitting projects next!  I’m hoping to make this set of dish/wash-cloths as a Xmas gift.  Maybe for Nathan’s mom.  

I bought these beautiful cotton skeins of Sugar and Cream in Violet Stripes and Fleur de Lavande.  Not sure what the blue one is called since I threw away the label a month ago.  The one I already made is called the waffle stitch that I found on pinterest.

Next pattern I plan to use, is from blogger Knitting Unlimited.

Baby Booties

So I found this link with picture tutorials on All About Ami’s blog, which led me to this blog:
Worked in a Caron Simply Soft! My favorite yarn.  I don’t have a 4.25mm Crochet hook.  So I went down a size to the 4.0mm. So we shall see how it fits!

It is worked in an oval using a combo of single crochet’s and half double crochets to widen where the ball of the foot. 

Next comes the tricky part.  I have to shape the top of the shoe.  It requires me to start crocheting stitches together and there aren’t really that many pictures on the instructions to show me what its supposed to look like! So here we go!

 The first sc2tog. The next step calls for a dc2tog.  This I had to look up how to do, here’s the link for that.  Dc2tog video. There is my Dc2tog! Next is a regular easy old double chain and after that, the dreaded dc3tog. Here’s a link for a video tutorial of a Dc3tog

The Final Product! It didn’t take me long to finish at all.  I found these cute buttons at Joann’s on Roosevelt Road.


So after actually trying it on a baby. I have found 1.) my baby has really long feet and I need to make it just a smudge larger. Perhaps with a larger crochet hook or looser stitches. 

2.) The ankle is too loose and too short to secure it to her feet.  I need to make the flap shorter.  Instead of chain 12. Maybe only chain 10.